Tony Hertz Black and White Landscape and Color Photography

The Outlast
A Layer of Fog (•)
Sea At Rest (•)
Two Rocks At Sea (•)
Golden Arches (•)
Fence Study (•)
Fence to Sea (•)
Sea Grasses No. 2 (•)
Big Sur Yucca Blossom (•)
Mendocino Coast
Seven Palms (•)
Foggy Beach (•)
Boulders and Merced River (•)
Layers of Waves (•)
Jesse's Window (•)
Two Aspens (•)
Mirror Lake Trees (•)  A reflection of trees photographed through trees in Yosemite National Park.
Bare Tree and El Capitan (•)
Seaweed Canyon
Leaning Tree, Yosemite National Park (•)
Evening Light, Yosemite (•)
Sea Cave Splash Drip (•)
Sailboat (•)
Dune Anatomy No. 1
Dune Anatomy No. 2
Dune Anatomy No. 3