Tony Hertz Black and White Landscape and Color Photography

Mirror Lake Trees (•) A reflection of trees photographed through trees in Yosemite National Park.
Pine Tree Double Exposure (•)
Bare Tree and El Capitan (•) (in-camera double exposure)
Half Dome Double Exposed in Mirror Lake (•)
Trees Double Exposed (•)
Trees Double Exposed 2 (•)
Merced River Double Exposed (•)
Trees in Reverse (•) A reversed negative image.
Two-toned Forest (•)
Trees in Exchange (•) A triptych containing one black and white photograph of Aspen trees in autumn. The left and right images are identical while the middle image is identical but inverted.
Seaweed Canyon
Sailboat (•)
Gnarled Wave (•)
Sea Spray (•)
Manzanita Avenue (•) Triptych
Algae Sky (•)
Jesses's Window - Diptych (•)