Tony Hertz Black and White Landscape and Color Photography

One Second In Time (•)
Gold Coast (LE)
San Simeon Sunset (LE)
Montana de Oro Sunset
Big Sur Highway Sunrise (LE)
Bridge to Somewhere (LE)
Road to Arvin (LE)
Carrizo Plains (LE)
Painted Rock at Carrizo Plains (LE)
Montana de Oro Widflowers in Fog
Post Peak
Flowers and Pismo Beach Pier
Old Oak
Lee Vining Creek Falls (LE)
Autumn on the Merced (LE)
Lone Oak at Sunset in Vineyards (LE)
California Poppies
Autumn Pinecones
Bare Tree and El Capitan (•) (in-camera double exposure)
A Touch of Autumn (•)
Mirror Lake Trees (•)
Vernal Falls (LE)
Grand Teton Sunrise
Grand Teton Sunset (LE)
San Simeon Wildflowers
Bishop Peak and Fog (LE)
Northbound Amtrak (LE)
Dogwood Blossoms on Tenaya Creek (•)
Bishop Creek Aspen; Autumn (•)
Point of View (•)
Leaning Tree: Yosemite (•)
Manzanita Avenue (•) Triptych
Last Light on the Merced (•)
Evening Light (•)
Sunrise and Lone Tree in Alabama Hills (•)
Sunrise and Lone Tree in Alabama Hills #3 (•)
Odd Ball; Alabama Hills (•)
Burned Bush; Owens Valley, California (•)
Water Blue (•)