Tony Hertz Black and White Landscape and Color Photography

Trees in Exchange (•) A triptych containing one black and white photograph of Aspen trees in autumn. The left and right images are identical while the middle image is identical but inverted.
Dogwood Blossoms on Tenaya Creek (•)
Ragged Coast
Aspens in Light, Autumn (•)
Bishop Creek Aspen, Autumn (•)
Worthy Cypress (•)
River Blocks (•)
Tenaya Creek Dogwood (•)
Last Light on the Merced (•)
Aspen and Pine, Autumn, Twin Lakes, Eastern Sierras (•)
Point of View (•)
Trees in Reverse (•) A reversed negative image.
Bishop Peak Fog
Pebble Beach Overlook (•)
Seaweed Canyon
Foggy Beach (•)
Westport Swirl (•)
Early Morning Sea (•)
Mountain Stream (•)
Lithia Creek (•)
Lone Oak at Sunset
Oak in Light (•)
Trees, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite (•)
Fog Rolls in at Hollister Peak
Half Dome Overlook, Yosemite National Park (•)
Fog Lines
Shadows of Oaks
Trees, Animal Tracks  (•)
Mystic Fog and Trees
Lady Bird's Grove
Cluster in the Fog
Aspen Trunks (•)
Two Aspens (•)
Two-toned Forest (•)
Oceano Dunes #2
Western Gate
Del Norte Coast (•)
Ocean Dunes
Sand Dune Lines
Morning Fog in Los Osos Valley Panorama
Chorro Valley
Fog Breaking around Bishop Peak
Fog Rolls in at Hollister Peak
Trees and Hollister Peak
Hollister Peak and Pygmy Forest
Chumask Peak
Step stones to Morro Rock
Turri Valley Pond
Autumn on the Merced River
Oak Tree in Light (•)
Fallen Pine Cones in Snow
Layers of Waves (•)
Boulders and Merced River (•)
Cabrillo Peak from Black Hill
Lee Vining Watercourse (•)
Morro Rock at Low Tide
Clouds over Chorro Valley
Hollister Peak and Pygmy Forest 2
Hollister Peak from Turri Valley
Bishop Peak from Cerro San Luis
Wind Whipped Dunes
Leaning Tree, Yosemite National Park (•)
Evening Light, Yosemite (•)
Delta Waters
Bridge to Somewhere
Road to Arvin
Seaside Monument
Flow To The Sea
Point Buchon
Sea Cave Splash Drip (•)
Evening Light
Trees by the Sea
Foggy Cove
Tide Study
Gateway to Camel Rock
Tidewater Terrace
Wavedraw 2
Coastal Fog
West Winds
Rocky Coast
Swirling Tide
River Meets The Sea
Untitled #2
Sunrise and Lone Tree in Alabama Hills, Autumn (•)
Sunrise and Lone Tree in Alabama Hills #2, Autumn (•)
Odd Ball (•)
Gnarled Wave (•) Wave Exploration 1
Wave Exploration 2 (•)
Wave Exploration 3 (•)
Wave Exploration 4 (•)
Wave Exploration 5 (•)
Wave Exploration 6 (•)
Wave Exploration 7 (•)
Manzanita Avenue; Triptych (•)
Wave Exploration 8 (•)
Wave Exploration 9 (•)
Wave Exploration 10 (•)